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This workshop is specially conceived to entertain you while you learn. Get your Paella School Diploma with us!

We’ll provide you the best experience that you will always remember when telling your family and friends once at home.

Cooking Paella is the most remarkable Valencian experience, not only at culinary level but also at a social level. Family and friends gather around Paella while the cooking process, enjoying a good conversation until the moment to share table and dish with them.

Customized Diploma

You will get a personalized diploma and a group photo

To finish, we will take a group photo, and each participant will receive the paella school diploma that accredits the course and their knowledge to cook the authentic Valencian Paella. Is there anything better in Valencia City? Yes, but you will love this personal experience and will always go with you.

We would like every visitor of our city, after passing through our School, to become an ambassador of PAELLA in its place of birth, also transmitting the Valencian flavour of this dish. If you dare to dazzle your friends and cook PAELLA, in Mundo Paella, we offer you the possibility of taking you home or sending you the utensils and ingredients you need to make your Paellas, because you already are a Paella cook!


First of all we will go to the crowded Mercado Central to buy the best fresh products.


Once in the kitchen, you will prepare and cook your paella under the supervision of an expert paella chef.


It’s time to taste your paella in Escuela de Paella’s dinning room. It is surely delicious!.


At the end, you will get a personalized diploma accrediting of your well-being in the kitchen.

Would you like to join our Paella Workshop and get your Paella School Diploma?

Enjoy the experience and don’t wait people to tell you about it. Learn how to cook valencian paella with us!