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Yesterday, June 12th was a special day, the Valencian Hospitality Awards 2018 were held, organized by the Business Federation of Hospitality of Valencia (FEHV), which chose the magnificent Theater “El Musical” in the Cabanyal, one of the most emblematic and historical neighborhoods of Valencia. In such a typical Valencian place, la Escuela received the “PRIZE FOR THE PROMOTION OF VALENCIAN PRODUCTS”. The work undertaken by the school has been to design and create an integral experience around the Paella as a result of the fusion of the whole cultural, agricultural and gastronomic traditions, with the ability to create a service that could be incorporated into the tourist market and succesfully spread these values.

The origin of the products and equipment is vital for us, always looking for the highest quality in accordance with the “0 Km” philosophy and support for traditional Valencian trade.

The main achievement of la Escuela has been to provide an innovative approach in the enhancement of the excellence and potential of Valencian Paella. For all the aforesaid and due to the great work of our fantastic team we have obtained this award.

We want to thank and share this award with our collaborators: Arroz Dacsa as official sponsor and main support in this adventure, to the Valencia Tourism Foundation with its constant support, to the dear colleagues of the Central Market who with their fresh products give the touch of quality to our courses, especially to Domingo from La Parada de las Especias, to La Casona de Teresa, Verduras Folgado and Javier Rentero. Also to Original Paella and Flames Valencia that provide the necessary material to cook with guarantees, of course to the FEHV for recognizing our work, to Dascosa for providing us with the best wines, to Pequeños Caprichos and its wonderful merchandising and finally, the work of all those who have gone through la Escuela, professionals who are and have been part of our team: José Manuel Benito and Alberto Castelló leading the project, Pepe Fortea and Carolina Miñana at the kitchen and María Bardi, Elena Pardo and Diana Ivascau translating and caring for the students. And last but not least important are Isabel Benedicto and Andreu Jorques in the less visible but essential part.

It is also fair to dedicate a special mention to Jaime Cros, one of the three founding partners, who recently left the School at the top to retire from the front line and get a well earned rest.

La Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana continues with its work, is a commitment that we take very seriously, offering a unique experience in Valencia and Spain with total respect for the Valencian gastronomic tradition, offering the highest guarantees of quality and safety and remaining true to the principles that have led us to have more than 13,000 students since 2014 and to be currently the best valued leisure-gastronomic activity in Valencia in Social Networks.

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