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Typical mistakes cooking Paella you should avoid

Paella is one of the most representative dishes of Spanish cuisine, which makes it a food that is cooked around the world. There are countless recipes circulating on the Internet and recommendations regarding it preparation that are a mistake if you want to cook an authentic paella. In this post we tell you the typical mistakes cooking Paella you should avoid.

You use any type of rice

The paella has its perfect rice and is the round grain, preferably the “Sénia” rice. The choice of this type of rice isn’t because Valencians are very fussy, but it is the one that best absorbs the flavors,  and has a nice texture. At the same time, it is a common mistake to call paella any Mediterranean dish that has rice. For example, more than once they have referred to a creamy rice like paella.

You add any ingredient

Who doesn’t remember the stir with Jamie Oliver’s chorizo paella? An authentic paella takes a series of determined ingredients and to put any food that occurs to us would give rise to the example that we explained in the previous point: not all the rices are Paella. In case you haven’t heard, Valencians call the ‘innovative versions’ of paella “Rice with stuff”.

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You add stock cubes

For fear that the final result lacks flavor or wanting to enhance the flavors, there are many people who use stock cubes cooking paella. The paella does not need these ‘extra’, because when we add water to the initial sofrito we are making our own stock and in it our rice will be boiled. Whether meat, seafood or vegetables do not use this type of products. Also, it is better to use tap water instead of bottled water. In relation to water we must also bear in mind that paella needs a certain amount of water to avoid excess liquid.

You stir the rice

Once we add the rice, it should not be stirred while it is cooking, since we will only get the paella to stay pasty. In addition, for the cooking to be perfect it is necessary to have a paella pan, since it is the perfect container to cook the rice because it has a lot of surface to allow the stock to evaporate. It is also important not to put the fire too strong, as it would cause the water to evaporate quickly and the rice to end up raw.

These have been some typical mistakes cooking Paella you should avoid, did you know them? If you want to learn how to cook the perfect paella with the help of professionals, reserve one of our Paella Courses. ¡Our Paella School is the perfect combination of learning, gastronomy and fun!