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This paella school workshop is specially conceived to entertain you and make you learn.

We’ll provide you the best experience that you will always remember when telling your family and friends once at home.

Cooking Paella is the most remarkable Valencian experience, not only at culinary level but also at a social level. Family and friends gather around a Paella while the cooking process, enjoying a good conversation until the moment to share table and dish with them.

The goal of la Escuela is to share this unique experience with everyone who visits us, either individually or as a group, learning to cook one of the most important dishes of world cuisine in a festive atmosphere.

Our facilities are ready to accommodate all kinds of groups, friends meetings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family activities, team building sessions for business, gastronomic meetings, incentive programs, etc. In short, it is an ideal environment to enjoy an unforgettable day that has taken us to the top position in Tripadvisor in the category of leisure activities and workshops in Valencia.

Let’s go shopping

The Central Market, cultural tour, shopping, take a break…

To begin with, one of the members of the group will have to go to buy the ingredients, and you will do that as well. There is no better place to buy the ingredients than Mercado Central, characterized by the variety, quality and freshness of its products.

If you choose the morning shift, from Monday to Saturday, you will be able to participate in the magnificent guided tour in Mercado Central. During the visit, you will discover the old towns’ endearing corners and historical monuments like the Lonja.

This part of the course will allow you to discover the most important place for the sale of Valencian fresh products, its past and its present, the stalls’ multiple anecdotes, its transfer from parents to children and its modernist architecture. You will discover a real pleasure for the five senses.

In Valencia, when buying at this type of shops, it’s not customary to haggle, but you will know you are paying a good price. Of course, the cost of the ingredients that you will buy to cook the paella is included in the price of the workshop, and your guide will be responsible for paying them.

In less than 10 minutes, you will be back at the Escuela de Arroces y Paellas, and you will be able to start working in our paella school workshop.

Get ready, the real experience begin. All the visitors in Valencia eat PAELLA at least once, you will do it as well, but learning how to cook it at the same time. You will be able to demonstrate your family and friends what you have learnt.

If you choose the afternoon-evening workshop, as the Mercado Central is closed, the market’s guided tour will be presented in documentary format at the restaurant.


From anywhere in the world, you can cook PAELLA in a professional, safe and economical way. You can buy any utensil that you need, which will be sent to your address, wherever you are from
Choose what you need and calculate the total amount, shipping included.

Price of the Workshop

Valencian and Vegetables Paella: 55€ includig Market visit / 50€ without Market. Children up to 12: 17.35€.
Seafood Paella: 75€ / Children up to 12: 17.50€
Final Price VAT included.

*All-inclusive Price. Snack and full lunch/dinner. The lunch/dinner includes a White and red wine tasting, starters and the paella with salad, drinks, dessert and coffee/infusión.

Also provided an apron and a chef’s hat. At the end you will receive a diploma certifying your new cooking skills and a little present to remember us for a long time.


First of all we will go to the crowded Mercado Central to buy the best fresh products.


Once in the kitchen, you will prepare and cook your paella under the supervision of an expert paella chef.


It’s time to taste your paella in La Escuela de Arroces dinning room. It is surely delicious!.


At the end, you will get a personalized diplomma accrediting of your well-being in the kitchen.

Would you like to join our Paella Workshop?

Enjoy the experience and don’t wait people to tell you about it!