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An interesting part of attending the workshop in the morning or midday shifts is to take the guided tour to the Mercat Central de Valencia (Valencian Central Market) to purchase our fresh ingredients.
For this reason, la Escuela wants to pay tribute to our colleagues in the Market, not only for offering the best quality products, but also for doing it day by day with the best of smiles.
Thanks Domingo Rodriguez from the ‘Parada De Las Especias’ where we buy the best saffron, the wonderful stall of Natividad Soler that provides the best paprika. La Casona de Teresa provides the best meat and the vegetables and fruits come from Verduras Folgado. For mussels, seafood and fish we rely on Javier Rentero and Pepi, Llagües and Vizcaino.
To all of them thank you very much!
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