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Wanna make someone you love enjoy cooking in our paella course? The gift consists of a culinary activity in which you we’ll get to the dough with a fun and polyglot expert Paella cook, who will guide you step by step until we pour the water to boil.

Meanwhile, we will take advantage to take a snack and taste wine. Then, we will return to the kitchen to pour the rice and control it until the fire is extinguished. It ‘s time to eat what you cook during our paella course. Moreover, we complete the menu with a salad and more wine. Finally, you will receive a diploma from the Paella Master. What are you waiting for? Come to our paella school and enjoy with us during your paella course. You won’t forget the experience!


To obtain your gift voucher just prepay it through our website (click in the “Buy now” button) and, once paid, email us to receive the voucher.

The gift is valid for a whole year and can be enjoyed Monday through Saturday in the morning or afternoon. The gift voucher holder will be able to choose when to make use of the gift, making the reservation with the code that we provide when placing the order by means of an email.

The usual price of the activity is 80€. For this promotion we will discount 5€

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