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Did you know that Iberian ham is considered one of the four aces of gastronomy worldwide? In this sensorial tasting, our master carver will show us more information about this gastronomic jewel. from how to choose it to how to taste it to get the mosto ut of it..  We will distinguish its aromas, its texture and its taste and we will learn what is the process to obtain a unique product, exclusive of the Iberian Peninsula, and recognized in the whole world.


We have arranged 2 options for you to enjoy this unique experience:


The master carver Roberto Gonzalez Santalla will reveal you all the secrets of iberian ham. You will learn the difference between the different classes and qualities and how to preserve it. The different certificates of origin. You will taste all the parts of the ham and will rate it based on a series of parameters (aroma, texture, color, etc.) It will be paired with the wines of the Winery Vicente Gandía (red and white), awarded with the best European winery 2018 prize. The ham that we will use for this tasting is Cebo Iberian ham 50%. It will be accompanied by a platter of national cheeses.

The duration of the tasting is approximately 2 hours.

Price: €80 per person.

The course is made under reservation and with a minimum of 15 attendees.


You will enjoy an unforgettable experience by the hand of 2 experts. Sake is not a wine. Join us to get to know it under the guidance of our Kikisake-Shi, Hortensia Déniz.

We will learn about its origin, composition, typologies, service temperatures and much more. We will taste three sakes specially chosen for the occasion accompanied by 100% Iberian ham. The tasting of Iberian ham is conducted by the master carver Roberto Gonzalez Santalla, Awarded as best carver in the  XXV Contest of Dehesa de Extremadura. An authentic sensory explosion thanks to “umami” (the so-called fifth taste), present in these two different and complementary products. The ham that you will taste is 100% Iberian ham.

The duration of the tasting is approximately 2.5 hours.

Price of the tasting: €120 per person.

The course is made under reservation and with a minimum of 15 attendees. 

E-mail to madrid@escueladearrocesypaellas.com for further information.