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Do you want to improve the productivity of your company?
From the Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana we recommend to bet for the Team Building in the kitchen, because this is, undoubtedly, one of the best tools to enhance cohesion and communication among the members of your team. But… what is Team Building in the kitchen and how can it influence my team? If you have any doubts about this do not worry, we will solve it.

What is Team Building?

Team Building is an English concept that in Spanish means ” Construcción de equipo” and is based on the realization of activities specially designed to encourage participation, communication and leadership among the members of your staff.
The main objective of the Team Building is to promote the word ‘team’ among the different members of a company or organization, encouraging personal relationships, as these are responsible for complementing, in many cases, professional skills.
How does Team Building influence the productivity of the company?
Team Building has positive effect on the productivity of the company. As William Glaser said; “We learn 10% of what we read, 30% of what we see and 80% of what we do”. Therefore, experiences in this kind of activities encourage and teach values such as companionship, leadership and two-way communication between members of a company, values that workers could apply in the future in their jobs.
Team Building Activities.
There are different activities to carry out Team Building. One of the most demanded nowadays is team cooking. This is because it is an exercise that leaves competition aside and gives way to participation and cohesion among colleagues.
Team Building in the kitchen - Valencian Paella
Paella in Valencia is not just a typical dish, it is a whole experience, a reason for meeting and celebrating with our family and friends. That is why, in the Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana, we offer companies the possibility of taking part in the leisure-gastronomic activity No. 1 in Valencia, with the aim of transferring that experience to the members participating in the course and moreover, teaching them to cook an authentic Valencian Paella.
The proposed activity is divided into three stages:
First of all, we go to the Central Market of Valencia to choose and buy the best products to cook the paella. this is the moment in which the cohesion that exists in the team will be glimpsed for the first time, because they will have to select among all the products with which they will cook the paella.
After going to the market, each member of the group receives an apron and a chef hat as a gift. They are already equipped to enter our kitchen and learn step by step the traditional recipe of Valencian paella, always under the supervision of our Paella Masters.
How to cook paella rice - Paella course
During the preparation of the paella broth, the group is offered a wine tasting and lunch.
How to cook Valencian Paella - Paella school
After cooking the paella all together, it’s time to taste it in our dinning room. At the end of the activity, each member of the team will receive a personalized diploma. It sounds funny, right?
How to cook paella - Team building in the kitchen
If you are already convinced that the best thing for your company is to cook as a team, contact with the valencian paella school. If you have any doubt, contact us and we will solve them without engagements.
You will spend an unforgettable day thanks to team building in the kitchen!