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Are you interested in going to a paella school for beginners? The School of rice and Valencian paella is the best place to learn and enjoy while you cook! In this article we are going to give you some advices to cook the perfect paella, but if you want to discover professional techniques we encourage you to visit us.

  • Watch out the broth

Maybe you have the best ingredients to cook paella, but if the broth is not tasty your paella is not going to be the best. You can buy the broth in different stores, but the perfect broth will be homemade. Be careful at the moment to choose the broth’s flavor, don’t use meat broth if you are going to cook a seafood paella. If you come to enjoy one of our paella courses you will be able to cook a delicious broth.

  • Choose the right rice

There are a lot of types of rice. The best one to cook paella is the rice pump because it absorbs the broth very well and the resault is very tasty. If you use another type of rice the resault will not be the same.

  • Use fresh and quality ingredients

It may seem obvious, but even if you are the best chef of the world your paella is going to be terrible if you don’t use fresh ingredients. Chiken, rabbit, green beens, saffron… these ingredients need to be of high quality.

  • Don’t serve it immediately 

There is one secret that maybe you did not know unless you are form Spain: to make the paella even more tasty you need to let it rest a few minutes before serving it.

  • Enjoy

We enjoy teaching people how to cook paella rice and you should enjoy the process too. If you enjoy what you are doing, the result is going to be tastier and the moment unforgettable.

If you are looking for a paella school for beginners or want to spend a wonderful time cooking contact us and come to enjoy during our paella course.