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The paella we propose to you today is a variation from the traditional Valencian Paella made with chicken and rabbit.

Meat and seafood are not used in the Vegetables Paella as we use it in the Valencian and Seafood Paellas.

In order for this kind of paella to have an excellent flavor, it is necessary to use abundant vegetables of different types, as we do in our paella school ‘Escuela de arroces y paella valenciana‘.

This paella is perfect for people who want to eat healthy and do not want to try meat or seafood.
It is prepared more easily, perhaps it is not necessary to wash and cut neither meat nor seafood

We wait for you in our paella school to try and enjoy cooking paella!


Cut the vegetables in approximately 2cm portions, not smaller,  they shrink in the pan.  Put olive oil in the centre of the pan and level it out.  Start by sautéing the vegetables at a low heat, in stages, the  hardest to the softest and, once sautéed, move them to the side of the pan.  Grate tomato and put it in the centre of the pan and slowly sauté  it adding 2 pinches of salt in the middle of the tomato.  Mix everything together, add a teaspoonful of sweet paprika (preferabli smoked)  and stir.  Add water to nearly reach the edge of the pan.  Add a pinch of saffron, a sprig of rosemary and a generous pinch of  salt per diner.  Turn the heat to maximum and let it boil for approximately 30  minutes (remove the rosemary after 15 minutes).  Taste the broth and once it is tasty and with the right amount of  salt, make a diagonal line and add the rice, which should slightly  stick out from the broth diagonally (ridged).  Stir and put the heat to maximum.  When the grains of rice start to emerge from the pan, lower the heat to minimum and wait until all the broth has evaporated.

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